Gamescom 2023: Germany
COE 2023: Netherlands
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COE 2023: Netherlands
4K Korean Mania Tournament | 1v1
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대한민국 4키 매니아 토너먼트
디스코드 / 메인 시트 / 대진표 / 트위치 / 유튜브

선수 신청 / 스태프 신청
(중복 신청 가능)

Original Forum Post made by Poca

  1. 대한민국 4키 마니아 토너먼트(4KMT)는 한국 매퍼분들의 맵으로만 진행하는 4키 대회입니다.​
  2. “한국 매퍼 각각의 개성이 사는 대회”의 방향성을 갖고 기획되었으며...​
[7k o!m] Alter's US Mania Tournament 2023
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A 7k US national tournament hosted by RhymesWithMash and Alter-
Discord | Twitch | Main Sheet | Challonge
Player Registration | Staff Registration

Orignal forum post made by RhymesWithMash

  1. Players must register using the form linked above before May 17th at 0:00 UTC.​
  2. If you need to modify your signup, let a host know...​
Artemis Arrow Gimmick Tournament
Delta 0 Miss [World First]
[o!m 4K] osu!mania SQUID GAME
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Would you like to play a game with me?

hosted with love by -mint- and RhymesWithMash

Original Forum Post made by -mint-

osu!mania SQUID GAME is a 4K osu!mania gimmick-style tournament based on the hit Korean Netflix show. The tournament will be single-elimination, mostly free-for-all, and the majority of the tournament will be using Score v2. There will be no SV in this tournament. The “gimmick” of each round will be revealed the week prior to its commencement...​
[o!m 4K] osu!mania Malaysia Tournament 3
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Tournament Thread:

We are back again guys, along with more scuff

Ommt is back for a freaking third edition, can you believe it!? Well neither can I, format is mostly the same as the last iterations, but still do take the time to read through this so you don't miss out on anything.

Join us to witness amazing matches and competition among our beloved Malaysian Mania players, not only their story but also the story of our new mascot, Maya, who goes through numerous hardships throughout her story


Discord |...
[o!m 4k] Touhou Mania Cup 3rd
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Tournament: Click here!
(This is a repost!)

  1. TOUHOU Project Mania Cup 3rd (THMC 3) is an international osu!mania 4K 2v2 tournament.
  2. Beatmap scoring will be based on Score V2.
  3. This tournament consists of Qualifier and Double-Elimination Stage.
  4. The main theme of this tournament is Touhou Project. All the tracks in the mappool are based on Touhou original and fan fiction music.
  5. This tournament has no rank limit.
  6. Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM to registrate.
  7. Participants are required to join as teams. The size of a team has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4.
  8. If any member in a team is blacklisted by organisers or considered "suspicious" by the osu! official, the whole team will be disqualified. Right reserved. Blacklists by other tournaments will...